Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?

Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?

Lance Edward Armstrong was a professional road racing cyclist of America who had also won world championships. He won seven titles of Tour de France but was later accused of doping and during investigation admitted about using steroids. But yesterday someone asked me a question” Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?” Thus, I have written this article in search of his answer.

What is a steroid?

Steroid is a drug and can be taken orally or by injection which contains natural hormone effecting hormonal system of human body thus producing extra testosterone. Testosterone is hormone mainly responsible for growth of human body and also increases strength.

Lance Armstrong doping case

Throughout his carrier Lance had accusation of doping but did Lance Armstrong take steroids was a suspense. During inquiry till 2012 he was free from charges though lots of investigation was carried out. But in 2012, United States Anti-Doping Agency filed a case against him and court found him guilty. Lance Armstrong had till date refused the charge, and there was still a question of national concern,” Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?”

Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?

There were lots of testimonies against Lance from witness and teammates. They were claiming Lance as mastermind of doping and a great doping success in history of sports. Moreover, numerous blood test results were positive. Since, there was provision of eight years banned on doping case. Later, Lance Armstrong admitted about using steroids during his cycling carrier.

Sometimes, I have thoughts that if Lance was guilty why would he lie in front of court taking oath? Why would he waste more than 8 years of his life denying his allegations and corrupting his image? It would have been better for him to confess. So, I wrote this article “Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?” But all the evidence was against him. We don’t know whether he was guilty or not, but his team was always with him and fought had in court for him.

It was shocking to hear Lance admitting about taking steroids during the competition. I am not sure but being his fan, I think he just admitted the allegations to make good image and also to reduce ban on him. Since, he had admitted taking steroids there is no use of asking the question” Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?”. If he has admitted then its obvious he had taken steroids in a sense he had confessed about it, whatever might be the reason behind his confession. Only god knows the truth and Lance Armstrong do.

Thus, all his Tour de France titles were taken and for fans like us it feels so bad to hear about such things.

We will miss you on the road Lance Armstrong.

Improving the game with best golf socks

Improving the game with best golf socks

Most of us don’t know that our clothing and accessories play a very crucial role in our game. If your scores are not up to the par and you are disheartened, then it is probably the moment for you to update your clothing which includes golf socks as well.

Taking care of your feet is extremely important in almost every kind of sports. Similar is the case with golf because your feet are involved in many actions during the play due to that your feet are to be taken well care of.

Having the excellent set of golf socks provides you the maximum grip and support. It is not necessary that all golf socks fall into the best golf socks category. You basically just need the right amount to fit in your golf travel bag for a few games. There are certain things which are only possessed by the best golf socks. So, let us directly jump to the list of best golf socks.

1) Swiftwick – Aspire ZERO

If you have a problem of hot blisters even with wearing the socks which were being sold with the label of “best golf socks” then it is time for you to try the swiftwick aspire zero socks. These golf socks are made by a good manufacturer and provide exceptional quality. This manufacturer is known for its 200 needle knitting process which makes the socks more tight-fitting which is crucial for many sports.

This golf sock is very comfortable, lightweight, minimize the foot odor, dry fast, and don’t produce hot blisters.

2) Nike Dri-Fit

This sock is great for outdoor activities which are performed in the sun because they overcome the problems which are faced by the standard cotton socks. The standard cotton socks absorb moisture but don’t evaporate. The feet sweat can be removed by using the Nike Dri-Fit socks which is a polyester blend. This sock is durable and provides support to the arch, heel, and toe. This sock is also lightweight which makes it easier to maintain.

3) Under Armour HeatGear Crew Socks

It always becomes difficult to remove your socks in front of others after a full day but thanks to this under armor heat gear sock which prevents the odor forming bacteria from growing. It has y heel which provides support and keeps the socks in place. Its seamless design prevents the hot blisters from occurring. This sock retains its shape even after several washes.

4) Kentwool Tour Profile

Golf is a game which involves a lot standing and walking due to which there is a chance of blister occurring on your foot. This sock has good support and cushioning effect which makes it beneficial for our feet. It is machine washable and dries quickly. It has an anti-blister design which prevents you from blisters and it also resists the foot odor.

The socks mentioned-above are best golf socks due to their durability and the perks which they bring.

What are best golf irons in 2018?

What are best golf irons in 2018?

Golf is one of those games where you require force as well as precision at the same time. To be fair, it’s not an easy game by any means, as it looks on the golf course or on the digital media. The champion golfer is the one who is expert in the art of handling the ball, not only from the short distance but also from the long distance as well. Each and every aspect is important, be it irons or clubs, balls and shoes.

Best Golf Irons of 2019:

  1. Titleist 718 ap3.
  2. Callaway epic irons 2018.
  3. Cobra king f8 irons.
  4. Wilson staff d300 irons.
  5. Taylor made m1 golf irons set.
  6. Callaway golf x series 416 irons.


Titleist 718 ap3 is among the best golf club irons of the year 2018 that offers a blend of explosive speed and greater forgiveness. This club is remarkably constructed. Moreover, the combination of hollow body construction and its L shape club enables to hit the ball high and far with the shot-stopping spin. In the toe of no. 4 to no. 7,50g tungsten is placed to improve moment of inertia and this lowers center of gravity. When it comes to off-center hits, it’s a game improvement iron and when you demand pure feel, then it becomes a player’s iron. This club has an elegant style, with a formidable accuracy as well. As a golf player, you not only need a cracking feel that boosts your game play, but also the sound you get after a satisfactory shot. The mid-sized head with the classic shape radiates class and compactness and can be easily used by right and left handers. The glittery appearance of the L shaped face is due to stainless-steel material.

Pros and cons

This golf club has certain pros and cons. Its hollow body constructions give the golfer maximum speed and better distance control. These golf irons create impeccable distance due to its technology. It also makes it easier to hit the shots in rough patches. It has a classic feel and look. With smooth swing the player extracts great ball flight. These clubs are highly priced and one cannot get a forged iron feel from this club.

As golfers age, they lose strength to strike the ball. Even though an older man hits the ball perfectly every time, the ball often travels a fraction of the distance it did when he was younger. The best golf clubs for senior men are clubs with a longer shaft, heavier head and a lower kick point. Anything higher than a 5-iron, such as fairway woods and hybrids, are good choices.

Resource: https://golfaccessoriesreviews.com/best-irons-beginners/


Best Sunglasses for Running

colorful runners

There are a variety of sunglasses for running you can choose from but not all of them are the best. However there are a number of them which have been tested and concluded to be the right glasses for running. However, peoples’ preferences may make things difficult in choosing between the right and the wrong running sunglasses. All in all, some these glasses have received positive reviews meaning that they are the best in everything. Wearing the best sun glasses for running and during running is important as it gives you the clarity that you need, the right field of view and even the right grip above your nose.

The Nike Vaporwing Elite

This is one among the best sunglasses for golfing basically because of the fact that they are made of very clear Zeiss lenses. The lenses are clear that you an even mistake it for a clear bubble and you can also think that you are wearing an empty sunglass frame. When running with this sunglasses on, you will realize that the ground where you are stepping on is orange in color and this makes things look good. On the other hand, considering that there are those who might want to see a darker race track, various dark varieties are available. These are good for the sun and for those who want to do away with the strong glares from the sun.

The Julbo Zephyr

These are also the best sunglasses for running and have been associated with runner who run through difficult terrains. They have huge curvatures which supersedes the shape of the face. These leaves a wide space between the side of the eyes and the sun glasses themselves. If you are a heavy sweater, then this is the right running sun glasses for you. They are the best because they can adjust their color according to the intensity of light. For instance, if you are running facing a bright sunlight, these sunglasses will turn dark hence protecting your eyes.

The Drake Smith

These sunglasses are designed for stealth runners. Stealth means going silently and unnoticed. With these sunglasses you can easily run through uneven surfaces because they have been designed using modern technology where different uneven surfaces will trigger change in color, angle and field of view as face as the race track is concerned. It employs the Smith’s ChromaPop technology just to ensure that there are changes in dimensions whenever you are running over a non-flat surface.

Natural Remedies for Aching Joints


There are a number of proven natural remedies which might be available within your locality. In fact, you will even discover that these remedies are even very close to you; and that they are in your households. When we talk about natural, it means that some of these are traditional, have not been scientifically tested and have been in existence a relatively long period of time. Natural remedies for aching joins are some of the most innovative self-medication technique and have proved themselves basically because they work. No one knows if it is because we do believe in them or because of something else.

The acupuncture technique

In China and other parts of Asia, acupuncture is the most sought natural method of relieving joint pains and other types of pains as well. It is believed to relieve osteoarthritis and every pain related to it. However, it makes me wonder how this method works. When your joint is pricked using sharp but slender needles, the pores created by prick are believed to create a balance of internal body fluids. There are internal body fluid such as the synovial fluid. When this fluids are under pressure, they are believed to cause an imbalance hence pain.

Swimming and water aerobics

Water are therapeutic and antiseptic; with this reason as the basis, your join pains can be lessened or even done away completely. According to body fitness professionals, water aerobics are the best for joint pains because it is a source of enhancing body flexibility through moving your body joint through water. This guarantees you less impacts on your joints hence helping you relax your muscles and joints while exercising them.  When a swimming pool is kept at room temperature, they tend to cool the join and when you beat your legs during movement, you are assured of synovial and other joint movements. This alleviated excessive pain.

Spicing the joins up

You can reduce the joint pains by grabbing a spice from your kitchen and rubbing it over the itching joints. There are a variety of spices which even used by pain relieving cream manufacturers to relieve their joint pains. You will be shocked to find out that even a capsicum can help your joints as far as the need to reduce pain is concerned. On the other hand, pepper is also crucial in ensuring that your joints are free from pain. These species are readily available in your kitchen so spice it up.

Best Cigar Humidor For 2018 and beyond!

Best Cigar Humidor For 2018 and beyond!

The choice of the best cigar humidor depends of various factors. This might sound like very difficult factors but indeed, there are very basic factors that you normally look for when looking for somewhere to place your cigars safely. Where have you been storing your cigars since you became a smoker? I believe that you have been longing for a place where you can safely keep your cigars and avoid them losing their original flavor in the long. On the other hand, class is also another factor that will require you look for the best cigar humidor.

Montello Cigar Desktop Humidor

This is not just a box but a specially designed to hold up to 25 to 50 cigars. This will make sure that you store enough that will last you for a specified period of time. It has a glass top and this gives it a royal look. With that idea in mind, your class can be heightened by the physical appearance of this particular best cigar humidor. It has a cedar wooden interior with a scratch resistant interior and exterior. With this features, you are assured of the fact that your cigars will maintain the right flavor for a long time.

The CIGARISM Cedar Lined Travel Humidor

This is the best rated humidor when traveling in 2019. Traveling can either be in your own car or with public means. It is the best cigar humidor basically because it is well equipped with other elements such as the cigar cutter and the lighter. With this set of things, you will not need to worry where to get a lighter or a cigar cutter basically because this kind of cigar humidor has everything you need in it. It is black in color and you can always get the right color for your day to day needs.

The Hygrometer Fitted Cigar Humidor

The main use of humidor is to make sure that your cigar maintain it flavor for as long as you might want it to. The cigar humidor we are talking about contains a hygrometer that can measure the levels of humidity within your humidor. With such a calibrator, you will be in a position to add cigar humidor solution. This kind of cigar will help you maintain the flavor you need in your cigar for a very long period of time. If you have been looking for such a humidor, then this is the right one for you.