Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?

Lance Edward Armstrong was a professional road racing cyclist of America who had also won world championships. He won seven titles of Tour de France but was later accused of doping and during investigation admitted about using steroids. But yesterday someone asked me a question” Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?” Thus, I have written this article in search of his answer.

What is a steroid?

Steroid is a drug and can be taken orally or by injection which contains natural hormone effecting hormonal system of human body thus producing extra testosterone. Testosterone is hormone mainly responsible for growth of human body and also increases strength.

Lance Armstrong doping case

Throughout his carrier Lance had accusation of doping but did Lance Armstrong take steroids was a suspense. During inquiry till 2012 he was free from charges though lots of investigation was carried out. But in 2012, United States Anti-Doping Agency filed a case against him and court found him guilty. Lance Armstrong had till date refused the charge, and there was still a question of national concern,” Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?”

Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?

There were lots of testimonies against Lance from witness and teammates. They were claiming Lance as mastermind of doping and a great doping success in history of sports. Moreover, numerous blood test results were positive. Since, there was provision of eight years banned on doping case. Later, Lance Armstrong admitted about using steroids during his cycling carrier.

Sometimes, I have thoughts that if Lance was guilty why would he lie in front of court taking oath? Why would he waste more than 8 years of his life denying his allegations and corrupting his image? It would have been better for him to confess. So, I wrote this article “Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?” But all the evidence was against him. We don’t know whether he was guilty or not, but his team was always with him and fought had in court for him.

It was shocking to hear Lance admitting about taking steroids during the competition. I am not sure but being his fan, I think he just admitted the allegations to make good image and also to reduce ban on him. Since, he had admitted taking steroids there is no use of asking the question” Did Lance Armstrong take steroids?”. If he has admitted then its obvious he had taken steroids in a sense he had confessed about it, whatever might be the reason behind his confession. Only god knows the truth and Lance Armstrong do.

Thus, all his Tour de France titles were taken and for fans like us it feels so bad to hear about such things.

We will miss you on the road Lance Armstrong.

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