What are best golf irons in 2018?

Golf is one of those games where you require force as well as precision at the same time. To be fair, it’s not an easy game by any means, as it looks on the golf course or on the digital media. The champion golfer is the one who is expert in the art of handling the ball, not only from the short distance but also from the long distance as well. Each and every aspect is important, be it irons or clubs, balls and shoes.

Best Golf Irons of 2019:

  1. Titleist 718 ap3.
  2. Callaway epic irons 2018.
  3. Cobra king f8 irons.
  4. Wilson staff d300 irons.
  5. Taylor made m1 golf irons set.
  6. Callaway golf x series 416 irons.


Titleist 718 ap3 is among the best golf club irons of the year 2018 that offers a blend of explosive speed and greater forgiveness. This club is remarkably constructed. Moreover, the combination of hollow body construction and its L shape club enables to hit the ball high and far with the shot-stopping spin. In the toe of no. 4 to no. 7,50g tungsten is placed to improve moment of inertia and this lowers center of gravity. When it comes to off-center hits, it’s a game improvement iron and when you demand pure feel, then it becomes a player’s iron. This club has an elegant style, with a formidable accuracy as well. As a golf player, you not only need a cracking feel that boosts your game play, but also the sound you get after a satisfactory shot. The mid-sized head with the classic shape radiates class and compactness and can be easily used by right and left handers. The glittery appearance of the L shaped face is due to stainless-steel material.

Pros and cons

This golf club has certain pros and cons. Its hollow body constructions give the golfer maximum speed and better distance control. These golf irons create impeccable distance due to its technology. It also makes it easier to hit the shots in rough patches. It has a classic feel and look. With smooth swing the player extracts great ball flight. These clubs are highly priced and one cannot get a forged iron feel from this club.

As golfers age, they lose strength to strike the ball. Even though an older man hits the ball perfectly every time, the ball often travels a fraction of the distance it did when he was younger. The best golf clubs for senior men are clubs with a longer shaft, heavier head and a lower kick point. Anything higher than a 5-iron, such as fairway woods and hybrids, are good choices.

Resource: https://golfaccessoriesreviews.com/best-irons-beginners/


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